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Coffee Table Book - Modern Gentleman

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The Quintessential Grooming Guide for the Modern Gentleman

This one stop guide is a practical treatise for chaps who wish to look their tip-top best from head to toe, packed full of essential tips and tricks every mans should know when it comes to looking his best.

Drawing on Captain Fawcett’s far-flung travels, culturally rich experiences, and extensive historical research, this unique guide offers fascinating insights from the world’s most respected barbers, tonsorial artists, style aficionados, and master craftsmen of essential male-grooming items. The Captain highlights centuries-old techniques that have been refined for the present day; accompanied by easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.

Packed with beautiful illustrations, photographs, witty observations, inspiring historical and literary quotations, this is a comprehensive exploration of all aspects of gentlemen’s grooming and, indeed, what it means to be a gentleman in the twenty-first century.

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