Handsome Hands Manicure Kit Handsome Hands Manicure Kit


Handsome Hands Manicure Kit

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This handsome manicure kit contains all the essential products needed to help soften, moisturise and style your nails and hands.
Kept within a perfect pocket-sized silver tin - it is a super size for travelling, so his hands can always look great, wherever he is, at home or on the go.
What does it contain?
Moisturising Hand Cream - 30ml - The all natural age-old formulation, rich in vitamins and minerals, helps to moisturise skin, soothing the pores and conditioning the nails. With a light citrus masculine scent.
Stainless steel nail clippers - perfect for grooming for a quick and easy reshape of his nails. Stainless steel scissors - for trimming any tough toe nails or dead skin. Two nail files - for shaping and smoothing any rough edges.
Made in England. 100% natural. No animal testing. No parabens. No silicones.