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Hair Kit - Man bun

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The Man Bun Hair Kit is a Damn Handsome Look.

Its a great look typically worn with short sides and the hair swept upwards and backwards. This Kit provides you with all the tools, Products and a simple step by step guide to achive this classic look.

Included in the kit is a bespoke metal hair comb, a 30ml handsome hair wax, a quiff measure and a step by step how to guide.

This product is handade using the finest quality ingredients sourced only in England. So don't worry your hair is in good hands.

It can be a little tricky to get right but with this kit you can all master all the diffrent variations to look truly hip, navigate the top not, samuri Bun or the full man bun and achive it with ease.

Everything you need is in this kit, tools, product and our step by step guide.

Hair wax, comb, hair tie, toothpick and how to guide all stored in a stainless steel tin.

Tin Size 11cm Width x 8cm Height x 3cm Depth

Comb Size 10cm Length x 4cm Height

Hair Wax Size 5cm Round Tin, 2.5cm Depth, 30ml